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If there is one thing more important than anything else in the gospel work it is personal evangelism—the one-on-one, intentional, searching for souls, seeking for lost sheep.

What if you decided that you were going to cast a vision and start an evangelism fire in your church? What if you decided to be trained for personal evangelism leadership?

SOULS Training

SOULS Northwest is uniquely positioned to provide you with academically excellent training AND real-world experience.

Learn from outstanding professors, theologians, and ministry professionals with years of field experience. You’ll leave equipped and confident to answer God’s call.

There is no better training available for personal evangelism leadership.

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Step 1 - Pick your course — Click herefor more information about SOULS Northwest's training programs. SOULS Northwest offers certificates for Outreach Coordinators, as well as Literature Ministries leadership.

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Step 3 - Make plans — Get ready for a change-your-life-forever experience.