A Divine Appointment

It was the very last door of the day. I come to this house and a grandmother looks at me really concerned because I'm out late at night (it was maybe 7:45 pm) and all by myself. Brenda says, "Girl, what are you doing out here at this hour? It’s late!" I explained to her what canvassing was and how I was working my way through Bible College. Since she was so concerned about how late it was I told her that her door was the last door I was knocking on. She relaxed a little bit and asked me what I wanted. I handed her a brochure showing her all the sets of kids books we carry and our devotional books too. She looked at me and said, I'm the grandma here and this is my son’s house; just come back another day when he's home. He just left to meet with a Christian counselor.

At that point she was getting ready to close the door in a rush to have me leave already. I quickly told her that we had something for everyone and I handed her Steps to Christ and then Christ Object lessons. As I told her about each book she stayed real quiet just listening to me. She began to explain to me how she had been sick with pneumonia for about 5 weeks and that she was just recovering. She said she almost saw it as a sign from God to slow down because for the last 5 years she had stopped going to church and was always on the go. And she began to really open up to me about how she had stopped attending her baptist church  for awhile. She said she found it a "coincidence" that I was at her doorstep showing her Christian books, because she had just mentioned to her son how she thought she ought to start attending church once again. She felt like God was calling her to make time for Him, and that He was slowing her down as a sign that it was time to spend some quality time with Him.

She was really excited to get the books she had in her hands and left into the the house so she could find money to buy them. She came back with just the right amount even though I hadn't told her what the books cost. She handed me the money and says, "you’re very lucky I had cash because honestly I never carry cash! Just a few days a ago my younger son gave me some money for no reason, I believe that the Lord set this divine appointment so I could get these books because He knew that you would be coming to my house!"

She was so thankful that I had come to her house and confessed that she was really eager for me to leave at first but finally thanked me for being persistent. I gave her the name of the church we were attending in Washington because she said when she was better she wanted to start going back to church. Before I left I showed her a community survey and she signed up for mail-in Bible Studies, cooking school, and Vacation Bible School for her grandchildren.

Several days passed and I came back to her home to show her son the books and talked to her again, and she shared with me how she had just bought some highlighters to highlight parts of the book that really spoke to her. It was very exciting to see she how she was already reading the books she had bought a couple days back and was enjoying them! I Praise God because he was doing most of the work before I had even reached her door he was preparing her heart for what she was going to hear. Not only that, but God also provided the money she was going to need to get the books!

By: ❤Reina Navarrete, NMI Graduate