Books Lead to Baptism!

October 2013 marked SOULS Northwest’s first year of operation and students’ first ever blitz! As staff and students we were just getting our feet under us, one might expect that our efforts would be met with mixed results. But reality is so much more wonderful than expectation!

Tina answered the door to find a young man with a cookbook and a bag full of other materials. “What other books do you have?” she asked, peering at the bag. She ended up choosing Great Controversy and Peace Above the Storm.

Before ever receiving a knock on the door, Tina and her husband Kenny had been watching 3ABN on their TV. They didn’t know much about it, but they enjoyed the programming. In fact, it had inspired them to go back to the Lutheran church they had stopped attending several years before.

A few weeks after getting the books the couple was watching David Asscherick on 3ABN and were surprised when he held up the book Peace Above the Storm.

“What are we watching?” Kenny asked as he pieced things together.
“What church sponsors it?” he pressed.
“They’re Seventh-day Adventist” Tina replied.
“Where are those books you bought a few weeks ago? Didn’t one of them look like that?”

They found the books and Kenny immediately started reading Peace Above the Storm. Soon they found themselves ‘double-dipping’—going to the Fairview Adventist church on Sabbath and their other church on Sunday, but they immediately felt that Fairview was going to be their home.

On July 5, 2014 Kenny was re-baptized as a renewed Christian and a new Adventist.

For anyone who has ever been involved in literature ministries, you know that this type of ministry often feels like thankless work. We poor our effort into reaching people we may never see again, and we rarely know the impact we’ve made in people’s lives. It may take 10, 5, or – as in Kenny and Tina’s case – just one year to see how God uses our work to expand His kingdom.

Every year SOULS does literature evangelism and Bible work in dozens of communities throughout the Northwest. Last school year alone we gave scores of Bible studies, distributed thousands of books and tens of thousands of tracts, and we KNOW that there will be many more results just like Kenny and Tina.

We thank you for your continued support!