Change the World

SOULS Northwest has a God-given mandate—change the world. That’s right. If we can’t change the world, then there’s no reason to be here. Our mission statement defines our focus and permeates our activities: to prepare a new generation of converted, committed soul winners who can lead others to win souls to Christ. We’d like to see the Gospel taken to the world in this generation. The individual effort of every believer to reach their family, neighbors, coworkers and friends is essential to accomplishing this. We refer to this personal work as house-to-house ministry. Ellen White says it is the “most essential work that can be done.” SOULS Northwest exists to prepare leaders who can do the house-to-house work and lead churches to do this type of outreach in their communities.

SOULS Northwest has identified six core outcomes that we hope each of our students will achieve. All of SOULS’ efforts and activities are centered in these outcomes:

Spiritual Growth-75Spiritual growth: The Christian experience is a continual path of growth. Classes, worships, and the ministry experience at SOULS Northwest give you the tools and opportunities you need to develop a stronger walk with Jesus and an abiding trust in His character and plan.

Personal Growth-75Personal growth: Every class and mentorship opportunity at SOULS Northwest will help you learn personal and professional skills such as organization, strategic planning, team building, team management, public speaking, training, and professionalism.

Literature-75Literature Coordinator: From leading youth literature evangelism (Youth Rush) to coordinating distribution of free literature at a church and conference level (GLOW) to training adult literature evangelists, our graduates have the foundation for leading in literature ministries.

Full Circle-75Full Circle Coordinator: SOULS graduates are experienced Bible workers, and we teach them skills to guide a church in a cycle of evangelism. The Full Circle model mobilizes church members in the ministries that they fit best, allowing every member to be part of the process of sharing the gospel.

Health Coordinator-75Health Coordinator: Whether working in a local church context, assisting in a city evangelism initiative, or simply doing house to house ministry, our students are trained to bring the holistic gospel into their ministry—spirit, mind, and body. Our graduates are capable health coaches and health ministries leaders.

Leader-75Leader: Leadership is embedded in all of our outcomes. We follow Christ’s model of servant leadership. Mentorship and apprenticeship are the methods we use to teach, and we hope our graduates will implement a similar style of leadership as they work in various aspects of church ministry. Leaders are spiritual, diligent, humble and independent thinkers.

SOULS has a mission to develop leadership that will mobilize church members and take the gospel to the world in the this generation.

Transformed youth change the world!

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We are salt to the earth (Matthew 5:13) and lights of the world (Matthew 5:14). Isaiah says, “You are my witnesses...” (Isaiah 43:10) The imperative for every Christian is to witness Christ, then witness to the world. 

In coming to SOULS Northwest you have begun a discipleship training experience—the same type of experience that Jesus put His disciples through and the kind of experience Timothy had when he joined Paul. God is preparing you to be witnesses for Him, and through His power, to change the world. 
To get to these desired outcomes you’ll need to pour your heart and soul into this learning experience. You’ll probably dedicate more time than you originally expect to your classwork— memorizing, researching, internalizing and processing. You’ll need to learn to work effectively with your classmates and staff whether or not you’re excited about it. You’ll pursue goals that are beyond your current ability, and you’ll tackle challenges that seem insurmountable to you today.

With God, all things are possible to anyone who believes.