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Dorm Life

During class sessions SOULS students live in the north wing of Witzel Hall. You'll enjoy a comfortable dorm environment. Ladies live on the third floor with secure and exclusive access to their floor. Men live on the ground floor, also with secure and exclusive access to their hall. The second floor is used for guest rooms, offices, and our library and chapel.

Witzel Hall
Dorm Rooms
Dorm Rooms
Witzel Chapel

Campus Amenities

SOULS enjoys many of Auburn Academy's amenities including:

Indoor Pool
Weight Room

Outdoor Running Track
Tennis Court
County Setting
Private Airfield
Greenhouse and Farm

What to Bring

Don’t over-pack. Think about what you survived with during the summer and then add some school-related things.

Things you should bring:
  • Twin size bedding for the class sessions, and an air-mattress and sleeping bag for the canvassing blitzes.
  • Bring warm clothes and gear for rainy weather—a good pair of closed-toe walking shoes, a water resistant jacket and a warm coat for winter are ideal. Some students like to have a pair of rain-boots too.
  • Base layer clothes are recommended (leggings or long-underwear).
  • Bring clothes for class and ministry work, church, chores and casual settings.
  • Swim-wear (a modest one-piece swimsuit, rash guard and shorts for girls; a rash guard and shorts for guys)
  • Backpacking/camping gear (Student government usually plans a camping trip each quarter)—sleeping bag, tent, backpack, eating utensils, etc. These items are not a requirement—bring them if you have them already.
  • During school time students wear “colporteur clothes” and after school is out, you can change if you want into casual clothes (see dress guidelines for details).
    Must Haves
  • Work verification identification (either a US passport / green card / work permit, OR a driver’s license/state ID AND a social security card / birth certificate). These documents must be original documents, not copies.
  • A laptop or tablet computer with a keyboard: Notes and assignments will be compiled into portfolios for each class—both notes and assignments must be typed.
  • Complete Published Writings of Ellen White on CD, OR EGW app for iOS and Android devices, OR the SDA Commentary CD with EGW writings.
  • Conflict Series (This comes with the Ellen White CD or egwwritings.org).
  • Concordance or Bible software (we like Logos or The Sword Project)
  • Bible (Preferably KJV, NKJV, ESV or NASB) with center column or in-line cross references. You’ll use your Bible daily in classes and some classes will require you to put chain references into your margins. Make sure the Bible you bring is one that you’ll be able to keep for a long time—good quality leather-bound Bibles such as Cambridge or R.L. Allan are recommended, though most genuine leather Bibles are acceptable.



    Bible Work


    Social Life

    Bible Study
    Studying for Classes
    Having Fun
    Spirit Week