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The Bible Story

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The Bible Story

The Bible Story Set

The most complete and accurate set of Bible stories ever written for the family, with over 400 stories.

  • Full color, realistic illustrations
  • Helps understand the Bible
  • Biblically accurate stories
  • Life applications and character building lessons in every story
  • Also available in Spanish

Give your son or daughter this 10-volume set and they will have access to every “tellable” story in the Bible. You can bet your child will meet Bible characters they have never heard of before. They’ll find out about a widow and her mysterious oil pots. They’ll meet a boy named Eutychus and discover why he fell out of a window. Each of these stories come straight from the Bible text. Nothing is made up.

Imagine for a moment your family sitting down together for a regular Bible story at bedtime. That’s better than some silly—or disturbing—television program, isn’t it? And it’s a wonderful influence for good.

It’s time to counter the many influences that can wreck your child’s life. You know there will be temptations to use drugs. Maybe even temptations to break the law. Right now, he or she may be struggling with the temptation to lie to mom or dad.

Each short, five-minute chapter in The Bible Storycan help give your children the strength to stand up to the temptations they face. Each story can help build a foundation of values upon which your children can establish happy and successful lives.

The Bible Reference Library

This devotional style commentary for laymen will help you understanding the Bible. It will take you on a tour from Genesis to Revelation, tying the stories together into one cohesive narrative of God’s work in this world.

  • Twelve volumes
  • High quality hardback binding
  • Hundreds of full color paintings and illustrations
  • Read along in your Bible with the Bible references at the beginning of every chapter
  • Thoroughly researched, and biblically accurate
  • También está disponible en español

Learn why God used a snake with the children of Israel in the desert to symbolize Jesus' death on the cross. Learn how to apply the Bible to your everyday life, and make Bible study a joy.

Bedtime Stories

True, simple stories are one of the most effective ways to teach children values such as honesty, love, faith, respect, compassion, and cooperation.

  • Stories can be read in five minutes
  • Nearly 200 different stories
  • Color illustrations on every page opening
  • Activity pages with fun facts, games, and simple crafts
  • Index helps you find the right lesson when you need it
  • Activity pages with fun facts, games, and simple crafts
  • Five volumes
  • High quality smudgeproof hardback binding
  • Also available in Spanish

Sometimes our children spend more time soaking up messages from television, movies, and their friends than they spend with us. How can we make the greatest impression on our children during those moments we have together?

Here's one way. Open up Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories and read to them. Let your children take part in an adventure as they snuggle by your side.

At the beginning of each true story they will meet a boy or girl who is about to learn something very important about life. Suzanne's experience with a troublesome puppy teaches her about God's love. Bobby's bicycle accident teaches the importance of obedience. Uncle Arthur's warmhearted style and flair for storytelling are apparent in every line you read. But while his stories entertain, they also do much more.

They help your children learn the basic values they need to make right decisions. Values such as truth, honor, respect, integrity, self-discipline, and faith in God. These are the basic values we call "good character."

A few cozy minutes reading with our children will put words and pictures into their memories that will influence their actions for the rest of their lives.

"Developing the mind is important, but developing a conscience is the most precious gift parents can give their children." John Gray in Children Are From Heaven

Great Stories for Children

In the classic tradition of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, Great stories for Kids entertains while teaching your children about Christian values such as faith, self-esteem, making good choices, prayer, and dealing with real-life issues, such as:

  • Alcoholism at home
  • Child abuse
  • Respecting others and yourself
  • Adjusting to divorce and stepfamilies
  • Stealing

Features parents love:

  • More than 130 stories
  • Each volume bound in durable hardcover
  • 480 delightful color illustrations
  • Table of contents lists story titles plus character-building lessons
  • Five volumes
  • High quality, smudgeproof hardback binging
  • Also available in Spanish

Your kids will love the adventures and drama, and you'll value the character-building lessons that they learn while reading these treasured stories. Great Stories for Kids won't stay on the bookshelf - your family will read them again and again.

My Bible Friends

My Bible Friends

Richly illustrated and beautifully written, these books are definitely the premium set of Bible stories for younger children.

  • Written especially for children ages 1 to 8
  • Outstanding art fills each page opening from corner to corner.
  • Beautiful, yet simple language makes these books a pleasure to read time and time again (because you probably will).
  • You can easily wipe sticky fingerprints from the colorful mylar covers.
  • The durable bindings hold up to rough use by children.Each book contains four simple stories, arranged in short, attention —holding sections.
  • Also available in Spanish

Imagine your child’s delight as you read the charming story of Small Donkey, who carried tired Mary up the long hill toward Bethlehem long ago. Or of Zacchaeus the Cheater, who climbed a sycamore tree so he could see Jesus passing by. And then there’s the story of Baby Moses, fast asleep in his basket boat, carefully hidden in the tall rushes.

These and many more Bible friends are waiting to greet your child within these beautifully illustrated books.

Daniel and Revelation

Daniel and Revelation

Unlock the secrets of the two most mysterious books in the Bible with this devotional-style commentary. Written for the whole family with simple language and reasoning. This set is based on the premise that the Bible interprets itself—you’ll be surprised how obvious the answers are when you let the Bible provide its own interpretation.

  • Filled with pictures, charts and illustrations to help you piece together the puzzle of prophecy
  • Two volumes
  • High quality hardback binding