George Müller on Finding the Will of God

George Müller lived a life committed to serve God at whatever cost, yet He experienced more miracles and blessings than privations. Sometimes we think that the "giving up" we have to do will be those very things that give us a reason to live. What we don't fully comprehend is that the things we give up in order to serve God are really not a sacrifice at all—they're the very things that keep us rooted in sin.

Müller committed to doing God's will, and he was convicted that he should start orphanages in England, and that he should begin with the support of God alone—he would not ask anyone for anything, only God.

“The orphan houses exist to display that God can be trusted and to encourage believers to take him at his word.”

“The first and primary object of the Institute was…that God might be magnified by the fact that the orphans under my care were, and are, provided with all they need only by prayer and faith, without anyone being asked by me or my fellow-laborers, whereby it might be seen that God is faithful still and hears prayer still.”

You have to be confident that God is leading in order to be so trusting in His provision. How did Müller know it was God's will to do the things he did? Müller had six main points in his method for finding God's will.

1. Get your own will out of the way

“I seek at the beginning to get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter. Nine-tenths of the trouble with people generally is just here. Nine-tenths of the difficulties are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord’s will, whatever that may be. When one is truly in this state, it is usually but a little way to the knowledge of what His will is.”

2. Feelings lead to delusions, not God's will

“Having done this, I do not leave the result to feeling or simple impression. If so, I make myself liable to great delusions.”

3. Study God's Word to understand the working of the Spirit

“I seek the will of the Spirit of God through, or in connection with, the Word of God. The Spirit and the Word must be combined. If I look to the Spirit alone without the Word, I lay myself open to great delusions also. If the Holy Ghost guides us at all, He will do it according to the Scriptures and never contrary to them.”

4. Consider providential circumstances

“Next, I take into account providential circumstances. These often plainly indicate God’s will in connection with His Word and Spirit.”

5. Get on your knees

“I ask God in prayer to reveal His will to me aright.”

6. Make a deliberate decision, and then test it with prayer

“Thus, through prayer to God, the study of the Word, and reflection, I come to a deliberate judgment according to the best of my ability and knowledge; and if my mind is thus at peace, and continues so after two or three more petitions, I proceed accordingly. In trivial matters, and in transactions involving the most important issues, I have found this method always effective.”