Giving Light to Our World

GLOWing with Faith

Written by a GLOW leader in Turlock, California

We have a 10 year old church member that was very recently baptized along with her mother. After prayer meeting had concluded, this young girl approached me and asked if she could take some fliers for our next health seminar and GLOW tracts to school with her. She attends a public school here in Turlock. I gave her a stack of each and didn't think too much more about it. The weekend that the seminars concluded, she again approached me and told me she had taken the fliers and GLOW that I gave her home. She laid them out and thought about each person she would be giving them to. She then taped the GLOW to the flier that she thought that particular person could use at that time. The next day she took them to school and passed them out. The kids in her class were so excited. When it was time for silent reading, they all took out their GLOW to read! They were so excited, asking her where they could get more. One student even advised her "Man, you should be selling this stuff, not giving it away!"

One child from the class asked her how to get Bible studies, so she asked her parents, and the little girl, with her own mother's permission began Bible studies about two weeks ago, and came to church last Sabbath when this child gave this testimony herself before the congregation.

It doesn't matter how young or how old you are, God desperately wants to use you to reach people for Him. All you have to do is start doing something to reach people's hearts and God will work with you.

Note: The Washington, Upper Columbia, Idaho, Montana and Oregon conferences are actively participating in the GLOW program. To get localized GLOW tracts please contact your conference office.