Jessica Atwell joins NMI as Outreach Coordinator

We're having lots of fun this summer with Ron Kelly as our Outreach Coordinator, but we have to give him back to the Kennewick Seventh-day Adventist church when we're done with NMI Boot Camp. In exchange we'll be bringing long-time Bible worker Jessica Atwell on board starting September 1, 2012. We're so excited to have Jessica join the team because she will bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm that will make NMI Complete a wonderful experience for our students. We also like her for her passion for personal evangelism, her persistent reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish her work, and her commitment to the work of personal evangelism.

Jessica, we're glad to have you join the team, and pray that God will bless as you minister to NMI students, and that through you He will train an host of workers for His vineyard.

Jessica Atwell is passionate about sharing the Good News. Since God showed her His amazing grace she’s used the gifts God has given her to tell as many people as possible what He's done for her. The Lord has worked miracles in her life; from a wandering, Christless person to a Bible Worker Coordinator. Born and raised in the northwest, Jessica has worked in the Upper Columbia Conference ever since Share the Life first started hiring Bible Worker Coordinators back in 2010. Jessica has a passion for leading, encouraging, and teaching others how to experience the same joy she has found in witnessing for Christ. Jessica’s husband, Brian, is also a Bible Worker Coordinator and a graduate of Amazing Facts Center for Evangelism. Jessica begins work for NMI with our Fall, 2012 session.

Jessica Atwell