Track 1 Classes

RELP 200 — How to Study the Bible (2 credit hrs)

This course covers how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Students will first become acquainted with tools for Bible study (such as concordances and lexicons), and how to use those tools as they learn to study the Bible in context.

RELT 356 — Christian Marriage and the Family (3 credit hrs)

This course covers principles in the choice and formation of friendships and courtships, helping students to recognize how marriage will influence both our earthly life and our life in the world to come (AH 43.3). This course will also cover God’s design for Christian families and resources for training children.

EDUC 210 — Philosophy of Christian Education (3 credit hrs)

This course uncovers the truth about God’s purpose for education and highlights the principles upon which Christian education is built. It includes a brief history of American and Adventist education history. This class will teach the methods that Christ used, giving students a pattern to follow as they seek to become effective teachers.

RELT 201 — Salvation (3 credit hrs)

This course includes a discussion on the nature of sin, and takes a journey through the plan of salvation using the teachings of Christ in the Gospels. You will begin to understand the components of salvation, such as God’s mercy, justice, grace, righteousness, our faith-response to Christ, justification, sanctification, and the atonement of sin.

RELB 302 — The Sanctuary (3 credit hrs)

This course is a biblical study of the sanctuary truth and its relationship to the history and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Special attention will be given to the sanctuary’s central theme of justification by faith, as well as challenging the critics arguments against a heavenly sanctuary message.

RELP 220 — Philosophy of Adventist Publishing (2 credit hours)

This course will reveal the history, purpose, and future direction of the publishing ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with an emphasis on the integration of the literature work with other forms of personal evangelism.

FINA 221 — Personal and Ministry Finance (2 credit hrs)

This class introduces the fundamental principles of effective personal and ministry finance. The day-to-day processes of money management such as budgeting, school debt reduction, home ownership, and investing will be discussed with an emphasis in application in a ministry setting.

RELT 202 — Adventist Beliefs (3 credit hrs)

This class endeavors to uncover the beauty of the doctrines that we hold as Seventh-day Adventists, establishing each belief on a solid biblical foundation. Since Christ is at the heart of every teaching and is the focus of every topic, the essence of this class will be Jesus. Note: this class only covers doctrines not covered in the other classes.

RELP 330 — Foundation in Biblical Preaching and Worship (3 credit hrs)

This course focuses on the preparation and delivery of Biblical, expository sermons in the context of Sabbath and youth worship services. Emphasis will be given to corporate worship planning. Laboratories in speaking will include school worships and Sabbath speaking appointments.

RELP 240 — Magabook Leadership (3 credit hrs + 1 lab credit)

This course provides leadership training and experience needed for summer magabook programs. Students will study techniques involving discipleship, discipline, training, and team management. A portion of the class will include in-the-field training.

RELH 457 — Seventh-day Adventist History (2 credit hrs)

This course is a study of the history and development of the Seventh-day Adventist church from the Second Advent Awakening to its current global mission. Emphasis is given to the following areas: life sketches of pioneers, early evangelistic thrusts, doctrinal development, and the impact of the publishing work.

HLTH 308 — Health and Healing (3 credit hrs)

This course will explore common diseases and their remedies with a focus on natural health laws and their application in prevention and treatment for disease.

Track 2

RELB 320 — Christian Apologetics (3 credit hrs)

This course will equip the student to give a defense by studying Christian apologetics, covering the five major religions; creation apologetics, examining evolution and giving reasons for our faith; and Adventist apologetics, comparing different Christian religions to the remnant church of Bible prophecy.

HLTH 205 — Medical Missionary Principles (2 credit hrs)

This course provides practical training in hydrotherapy, massage, hot/cold treatments and the benefits and uses of charcoal. Students will gain a health coach certificate.

RELP 400 — Bible Worker Ministry (3 credit hrs)

Students will learn principles of discovering spiritual interests, conducting effective Bible studies, leading people to decisions, and clearing someone for baptism. They will also learn how to engage and train church members to become effective in giving Bible studies.

RELP 490 — Public Evangelism (2 credit hour)

This course connects principles in personal evangelism with preparation for successful public evangelistic efforts. The student will learn how to organize and hold a public evangelistic effort using principles based on the inspiration and experience.

RELB 312 — Studies in Prophecy: Daniel (3 credit hrs)

This course will acquaint students with the book of Daniel, enabling students to give a clear presentation of end-time truths. Special emphasis will be placed on chapters 7-9 which serve as the foundation for much of what Adventists believe.

RELB 321 — Studies in Prophecy: Revelation (3 credit hrs)

This course will examine the end-time prophecies of Revelation enabling students to unlock its symbolism and reveal Christ and His atoning work on Calvary and in the heavenly Sanctuary.

RELP 338 — Outreach Evangelism Leadership (3 credit hrs)

Students will learn principles for leading volunteer church members in all areas outreach evangelism. Special emphasis on how to work with pastors, ministry professionalism, and visioning and planning for successful outreach efforts.

RELP 339 — Outreach Leadership lab (2 credit hrs)

This lab is a practical application of the outreach leadership principles taught in RELP 338 The Science of Outreach Leadership. You will practice principles of leading a church in outreach, including various aspects of health ministry such as CHIP, Nedley Depression Recovery, addiction recovery, health expos, and cooking schools.

MGMT 470 — Business & Ministry Leadership (3 credit hrs)

This course analyses the models and business practices of outreach ministries in the Adventist church focusing on leadership and management styles, characteristics of godly leadership, and Christian business practices. It gives a Christian context to identifying a need/mission, developing a vision/solution, goal setting and designing metrics for success.

RELB 160 — Life and Teachings of Jesus (3 credit hours)

Details the mission, the message and the meaning of Jesus Christ for His day and for ours. What is it about the Christian story that captured the attention of so much of world history? Also examines the connection between Christ’s first Advent and His second. May be taught with specific emphasis on one of the four gospels.

RELP 376 Literature Ministries Outreach Director (1 credit hour)

This course covers principles and methods for starting and managing literature programs of all types and Bible worker programs in a conference-wide setting. The focus of this course will be administrative principles for managing a conference ministry, as well as ideas and methods for integrating literature ministry with other conference ministry initiatives.