Peru Mission, 2014

Students and staff from SOULS Northwest presented evangelistic meetings in Tarapoto, Peru in March, 2014.

Our team flew down to Tarapoto on March 18 and returned on April 1st, 2014. While we were there we learned principles of evangelistic preaching from Ramon Canals, North Pacific Union Conference ministerial and evangelism director. We built friendships with the translators and meeting attendees, and we experienced the power of the Holy Spirit when 583 people were baptized in 29 churches throughout Tarapoto and the surrounding countryside.

In spite of our best efforts, we missed a local flight on our way back to the US. As a result we had to purchase a $203 ticket for each of the eleven participants. If you would like to continue to support SOULS students, we would appreciate a donation to help us pay for these tickets ($2,235 in all). Click the link below to donate with a credit card or paypal account, or send a check to SOULS Northwest, PO Box 329, Wilkeson, WA 98396.

You can review some of our experiences by reading our daily mission blogs, written by director, Jason Worf:

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For a history of how the Adventist work began in Peru you can read the story of our first missionaries to Peru, the Stahls, on the following website: www.adventistmission.org/2033-peru.

Another great place to learn about the work in Peru is a book by the former Peru Union Mission president, Wellesley Muir. The Little Indian is about a young man who lived a couple generations after the first missionaries came to Peru, and who helped bring the Gospel to a native group who lived on floating manmade islands on lake Titicaca. You can find the book at Amazing Facts' bookstore: The Little Indian.