MythBuster Lecture Series – Full Circle

SOULS Northwest is testing a concept of a cycle of evangelism that Southeastern California Conference has been doing for the past several years—a concept they call "Full Circle."

The concept is fairly simple: engage the whole church in a cycle (circle) of evangelism, utilizing their current ministries and skills and adding an intentional, personal component to ministry. The concept includes a 9-month Full Circle Coordinator, a February reaping series, as well as two SOULS Northwest interns for the months of January, February and March. The Full Circle coordinator and the evangelism team at the church organize the year into three phases, Preparation, Proclamation, and Preservation.

The Gladstone Park church agreed to be our pilot for the North Pacific Union and a SOULS graduate began working there in September of 2014. As of the writing of this post we have just finished the 5th presentation in our reaping series and 123 people have attended. The unique thing about this meeting that is different from a traditional series is that we've relied heavily on personal invitations. In fact, the church has hand-delivered over 8,000 advertising flyers. We also did Facebook and radio advertising, but our total budget, including signage, was only $1,250. By the end of the meeting we'll have had about 30 visitors, and a solid half-dozen are very consistent attendees so far.

We don't know the results of the meetings—we can only solicit your prayers that the Lord will work miracles on behalf of the people attending and that He will soften their hearts to receive the Gospel truth.

After the reaping and the preservation steps are completed (probably around June or July), we'll post our evaluation of the program and our recommendations for adjusting it for success.