NMI students make an impact in Tri-Cities, WA

Northwest Mission Institute's inaugural class is making an impact in the Tri-Cities washington area. A little more than a month into their training they've already visited hundreds of homes and begun Bible studies with people of all different persuasions, including some Catholic seminary students. One of the church members that came out with our students got so excited that she persuaded the teachers to allow her to join the program!

4th of July Evangelism
This is a Family at a 4th of July party who we invited to come to the evangelism meetings.

Keep in mind that NMI's program is a combination of practical classroom training combined with mentored field experience. Along with their work in the field the students have also taken classes on how to write and give a Bible study, on what health evangelism is and how to utilize it in personal evangelism, on how to reach Muslims, on turning a declining church into an every-member-in-ministry growing church, and much more.

Two NMI students give out invitations for an evangelism series, and do surveys in a Kennewick community.

Students confess that there's not enough time in the day to absorb all they want to learn, but with a sense of urgency they're buckling down and learning all they can.