No Higher Calling

"God’s purpose for the children growing up beside our hearths is wider, deeper, higher, than our restricted vision has comprehended." (Education p. 262)

There is a great vision that God has for His people that we ignore in favor of keeping in stride with worldly system of education. What great vision does God have for education? I'm not talking about theology or missionary training, we do that pretty well. God has a great vision for our nursing, premed, social work, engineering, agriculture and computer science degrees. We're too content keeping stride with the world when what God wants is so much more. We need to be cutting edge in all of these fields, but we need to have a higher aim—every class and every degree should be a missionary launching pad.

"The heaven-appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being. It opens a field of effort to everyone whose heart Christ has touched." (Education p. 262)

Notice that Mrs. White didn't say that this calling restricts the heart. No, it opens fields of effort. Let me give you an example. If you look around the world, what are the greatest needs that show up? Starvation, malnutrition, disease, lack of sanitation, lack of water, and of course lack of the Word of the Lord. Let's take one of those needs, starvation, and consider what we could do to help solve that problem in the context of God's higher calling. What if our schools took up the challenge to train experts in Biblically sound farming techniques who could go to other nations and bring their life-saving methods to the people. Methods that didn't involve using GMO's or huge farm equipment. Methods that would bring work, and money to the local economy as well as nutritious food. Local people would gain confidence in a person like that; they would listen to him/her talk about God. Governments would listen to people like that! And there would be plenty of work inside the US for skilled farmers who could grow sustainable crops. Think about it: God calls for one year in seven to be a year off for the farmer. Why not make that a year for training a tribe in Africa how to grow a locally sustainable, nutritious crop?

Here's what I'd love to see our schools begin to do:

  • Make the aim of taking the Gospel to the world the foremost purpose of every educational program
  • Look for a need in the world
  • Train people to fill that need, and send them out, every one a missionary in their own field

You can apply this principle to engineering, computer science, medical science, social science; you name it God wants to use it for His purposes. We can't be satisfied with keeping stride with the world—we have a heaven-born mission that demands our attention. We must be the best in every field, but not the best for the sake of pride, but the best for the sake of influence for Christ.

Northwest Mission Institute adds practical missionary training to your current education. Maybe you're in the middle of your college experience, or you've been in the workforce for some time now. You hear God's call for workers, but you don't know how you can be useful to Him. You don't need to become a pastor, Bible worker or foreign missionary. What you need is training in personal evangelism so that you can be a missionary in your current field of expertise.

Will you remain satisfied with a secular career, or will you take up God's call to use your career as a missionary opportunity?

I challenge you, read the chapter on "The Lifework" in the book Education. You won't be the same after reading it.

Do you want to be used as a missionary in your career? Attend NMI's Boot Camp this summer or one of our upcoming NMI Complete programs. Don't sit on the sidelines of God's work, be trained for missionary work.