Northwest Mission Institute is now SOULS Northwest

SOULS Northwest
a SOULS West affiliate school

Northwest Mission Institute is expanding its training program to two years, up from its original six month program, and has changed its name to SOULS Northwest. The new two-year program will include certificates in Literature Ministries Leadership and Outreach Evangelism Leadership. Currently, SOULS Northwest is a partner with Walla Walla University, and offers several classes that are accredited through the university. This expansion will maintain that partnership.

Extending the training program makes it possible for SOULS Northwest to train students who will work with the Literature Ministries departments of the North Pacific Union conferences as leaders for their Youth Rush summer literature evangelism programs. The expansion will also bolster SOULS Northwest’s ability to recruit younger students—specifically high school graduates—and train them to be proficient in outreach evangelism leadership.

Although SOULS Northwest is extending its training to two years, its shorter, six-month program will still be offered for adults who are past college age and have experience in the workforce, as well as for Walla Walla University degree seeking students.

The basic structure of the two year training program was approved by the school’s board and the North Pacific Union executive committee in their May meeting this year. The committee voted to follow the SOULS West training model, a school operated by the Pacific Union Conference which has been successfully training young people since 2001. SOULS West has indicated that they are happy to accept SOULS Northwest as an affiliate school. Michael Tuazon, the director of SOULS West, has offered his assistance to make SOULS Northwest’s transition to an expanded program as smooth as possible.

Please pray for this vital training program in the North Pacific Union: for a smooth expansion, for people who are willing to receive this training, and for many thousands of people who will be reached for God’s kingdom as a result of their work.

During this transition, you can contact SOULS Northwest here:
(360) 857-7062