Online Training in the Future

Northwest Mission Institute is a personal evangelism training program, and we thrive on practical, in-the-field, mentored experience. We're convinced that solid classroom instruction must be followed up by practice in the field or the training will not be effective. With that context in mind, we would like to offer some components of our classroom experience as an online learning program for pastors and lay people to brush up on specific skills. Since our inception we have been recording specific classes with this goal in mind. We've still got a ways to go, but our goal is to be able to offer a class or two by the end of this year.

We've done a lot of looking around for an inexpensive, full-feature learning management system that will play nice with our wordpress website, but up until now there has not been any such system. During our search we came across a developer who saw the demand for such a system and decided to create just what we needed. NMI was able to get in at the very beginning and even offered advice on what feature sets we need.

We have a ways to go before its set up, but NMI plans to utilize LearnDash, a WordPress LMS. With their experience consulting and developing learning programs for companies like 3M, The Department of Defense, DOW, and others, the LearnDash team brings a strong development background as well as excellent support for their new LMS. We're especially excited that there will be very little new things to learn as the system fully integrates with the WordPress backend. We think you'll be pleased with the integration of video, audio, and presentation media that will help you in the learning process, as well as the ability for real teachers to interact with your coursework.

Keep an ear to the ground for the opening of Northwest Mission Institute's online learning center.