Perú Evangelism – Day Eight

March 26, 2014

Those who have read my previous posts will know that we’ve been working hard in preparation and presentation of Gospel messages. Today is our day to get to know a little more about the culture and environment of Perú.
We left promptly at 7:00 in the morning and began or three hour drive into the Amazon jungle. It’s an amazing place—just look at the pictures.







About half-way through our drive we stopped at a fruit stand on the side of the road. This is not a US fruit stand. These people sell their fruit on their front “porch” and even invite you into their home to help prepare the food. We drank agua de coco (coconut water), as well as guava (not the US guava, but a strange seed-pod-like fruit that you eat the fleshy part around the seeds), and zapote, and several other types of strange fruits.






At our destination we found a large stream flowing directly out of the mountain with waterfalls and a dammed up area for us to swim. It was incredibly beautiful. I think it costs the locals about one sole (about $0.37) to get into the area, and another 50 centimentos to rent a tube. We ate a sack lunch and played a friendly game of volleyball. What’s amazing is that the day began with clouds, but when we got into the water the sun came out. They told us that this rarely happens during the rainy season—it’s almost always raining in the mountains.




We also visited a hot springs area. The hot springs themselves were about 101 degrees with clear water, but the cooler pools around the facility were murky, and not enticing. I think they advertised them as mineral pools, but I wasn’t interested in mineralization so I stayed clear of them.


In one of the hot pools Ieda talked with a pastor and his wife from another denomination who wanted to know what we do on the Sabbath. Ieda shared some Bible principles with them, but then they wanted to know if there is anything besides the Sabbath that makes Adventists unique. She was able to share the amazing message we have in the 3 angel’s messages. The pastor and his wife were impressed when they saw us—Ieda thinks we must have angels around us because it seems everyone sees something special in our group that they don’t see in other tourists, christian or not.

There is a doctor from Spain or England (we’re not exactly sure) who has been doing presentations at the hotel we are staying in. She talked to Maybalen and said she notices our young people’s happiness and contentment and she has been impressed. She said she has been intentionally coming to where we are just to sit from a distance and watch us because she is so intrigued. Maybalen was able to share a little of what we are doing and the doctor seems interested. Please pray we can continue to be a good example.

The Bible says we are the aroma of Christ, a savor of life unto life.