Perú Evangelism – Day Eleven

March 29, 2014

Yay! It’s Sabbath. Today has been very full and a huge blessing. Sabbath School in Spanish is interesting to follow along with—I have to admit, I got lost in my own reading for a while. My translator (who is also a pastor) did a baby dedication before the sermon. We preached about witnessing today and the church seemed to be moved by the message.

We started the day hoping for one baptism (two of the candidates are waiting on a marriage license), but soon we found there were two more candidates from the small groups the church has been nurturing. Just before the sermon started we were told to stall a little bit because two other churches were bringing their baptismal candidates to our church because they don’t have a baptismal tank. Suddenly we went from one possible baptism to eleven!

Before the baptisms I asked the people in the audience to pray about making a commitment in baptism, and when all the baptisms were done I asked for a commitment. One young man raised his hand and asked to start Bible studies!
In the afternoon we all met at the Adventist university in Tarapoto where all the churches had gathered to participate in the ordination of several pastors as well as a celebration of all the Lord had done in the reaping meetings we had just finished.

Towards the end of the service each of the churches marched in districts with banners displaying their evangelism goals and what they had accomplished. It was announced that we exceeded our goal of 500 baptisms by 83! Praise the Lord. Some churches had two or three, some had 15 or 20. Doesn’t Jesus say something about “some 30 fold, some 60 and some a hundred”? Praise Him for working in each of our situations.