Perú Evangelism – Day Seven

March 25, 2014

The Devil doesn’t like evangelism. A couple hours before the meetings began the rain began to pour down all over Tarapoto. When it rains the roads get muddy. When the roads are muddy the people don’t come out to the meetings. In spite of the rain we preached, and in spite of just a few people at each church we all made calls for baptism. As a result a couple of dozen people come forward and decided to be baptized! In my church a couple decided to be baptized, and she happens to be pregnant. That means we’re baptizing three (evangelists count everyone!) 🙂

One of the workers at the hotel we’re staying in watched us for the first couple days and he liked what he saw, so when Maybelen asked him to come to her church he quickly accepted. He gets off at 3:00, then comes back to the hotel at 7:00 to ride with her to church, and he’s been doing that all week. Tonight he said he wants to be baptized!
One of our group found an ABC store in Tarapoto. They distribute great literature, but in Perú the ABC also sells uniforms for pathfinders, schools, as well as ties and shirts for church leaders. An elder can buy a tie with the SDA logo on it that also shows the territory where his church is based.

Lest anyone feel that we are too serious, here is a picture of Karl during our morning song service—this one led by Portland Adventist Academy students.