Perú Evangelism – Day Ten

March 28, 2014

It’s Friday again, and everyone is sad that the meetings are winding down. We’ve grown to love our new church families, and many of us are talking in fun about becoming Peruvians. Personally I’m thrilled to be getting home to my family.

The majority of today was spent in preparations for our sermons tonight as well as our Sabbath sermons tomorrow—though I’m sure some of us will procrastinate and have to wake up early on Sabbath to prepare more.

Tonight I preached on “The Secret of Thought”, revealing the source of many of our struggles with temptation and sin, as well as providing hope that Christ can give us pure thoughts. The series of sermons we are preaching is highly practical in nature, and not as much prophetic. Ramon Canals put the series together and has found that in countries like this the work of theological grounding is largely completed by the time we arrive. Instead of spending a lot of time on theology his sermons focus on practical godliness and grounding the person in the church. This is very important when you are working with a primarily Catholic culture. We’ve covered topics like the validity of the Bible and importance of regular Bible study; the second coming, how to have contentment in whatever circumstance you’re in (important when you leave your family religion and they ostracize you), grace vs truth, and tomorrow many of us will talk about witnessing.