Perú Evangelism – Day three

March 21, 2014

Margarita flew in from Dillingham, Alaska this morning. During our training time from 9:00 - 11:00 we had a getting-to-know-you time where everyone found someone they didn’t know and asked pertinent questions about them, then shared what they learned with the whole group. It was lots of fun. The shortest explanation went something like, “His name is Mark. That’s about all I remember.” The longest explanation was 2 or 3 minutes going through the persons life experience all the way up until they got to Perú! But it was well spoken.
We had a delicious lunch (rice, beans, sautéed veggies, etc), and afterwards Margarita asked me to help her understand how the presentations went together (she had a new computer she didn’t understand, and apparently she thought I would know how to help her). As we looked at the presentations I realized that originally we were suppose to present our first sermon tonight! I’m so glad that we had an extra day to prepare—I think most of us would have been overwhelmed otherwise.

Most of us spent the remainder of the day preparing for Sabbath sermons, and a little leisure too. One group went to visit their church which the Mission had said only took 10 minutes to get to. The mission was right, in a way… It took them ten minutes on a motorcar (I’ll take a picture of a motorcar and share sit in Day Four’s blog), then they walked for another fifteen minutes down a very steep hill in order to get to the church. We began to understand why Ramon Canals told us that we needed to be Patient, Adaptable, and see challenges as Opportunities to grow.

We closed the Sabbath with songs and testimonies and went back to our rooms—you guessed it, more preparation. Wait, why do we have to do all this preparation? Shouldn’t we have been prepared by the time we left for Perú? Well, we were suppose to be prepared, but between all-absorbing missionary work in the Portland Conference and maybe a little bit of procrastination, we arrived in a less-than-prepared state. Praise the Lord for long flights, long layovers, and some extra time today to get our messages prepared.