Track 1 Classes

How to Study the Bible (2 credit hrs)

This course covers how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Students will first become acquainted with tools for Bible study (such as concordances and lexicons), and how to use those tools as they learn to study the Bible in context. In the process, students will learn how to write Bible studies for various topics, settings and purposes.

Christian Marriage and the Family (3 credit hrs)

This course covers principles in the choice and formation of friendships and lifetime companions. Since the Lord designs that families on earth should be symbols of the families of heaven, the students will also learn how to apply biblical principles to everyday family life so that a sanctifying spirit can be brought into the broader church family.

Philosophy of Christian Education (3 credit hrs)

This course uncovers the truth about God’s purpose for education, highlighting the ideas upon which Christian education is built and the long-term effects they have on the way we think and the choices we make. This class will teach the methods that Christ used, giving students a pattern to follow as they seek to become effective teachers.

Salvation (3 credit hrs)

What is sin? How does it impact a relationship with Christ? Can it be overcome? This course includes a discussion on the nature of sin, and takes a journey through the plan of salvation using the sanctuary services as an aid. You will begin to understand the components of salvation, such as God’s mercy, justice, grace, righteousness, our faith-response to Christ, justification, sanctification, and the atonement of sin.

Philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist Publishing (2 credit hours)

This intensive will reveal the history, purpose, and future direction of the publishing ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with an emphasis on the integration of the literature work with other forms of personal evangelism.

Principles of Accounting and Money Management (2 credit hrs)

This class introduces the fundamental concepts of bookeeping and accounting for personal and ministry finance. The day-to-day processes of money management such as budgeting, school debt reduction, home ownership, and investing will be discussed, and applications of these principles to personal financial responsibility will be emphasized.

Adventist Beliefs (3 credit hrs)

This class endeavors to uncover the beauty of the doctrines that we hold as Seventh-day Adventists, establishing each belief on a solid biblical foundation. Since Christ is at the heart of every teaching and is the focus of every topic, the essence of this class will be Jesus. Note: this class only covers doctrines not covered in the other classes.

Studies in Prophecy: Daniel (3 credit hrs)

This course will acquaint students with the book of Daniel, enabling students to give a heart-warming yet convicting presentation of end-time truths. Special emphasis will be placed on chapters 7-9 which serve as the foundation for much of what Adventists believe.

Speech and Communication (3 credit hrs)

This course covers instruction in oral communication skills needed to effectively minister in one-on-one and group environments. It encourages the practice of responsible communication after the pattern of Christ, the Ideal Speaker. This course examines the preparation, presentation, audition, and critiquing of speeches of various kinds – especially informative and persuasive ones – with emphasis on the selection and organization of supporting material, reasoning, techniques in closing, persuasive strategies, and elements of delivery. Application will be the primary focus.

Magabook Leadership (3 credit hrs)

This course provides leadership training and experience needed for summer magabook programs. Students will study techniques involving discipleship, discipline, training, and team management. A portion of the class will include in-the-field training in team management.

Seventh-day Adventist History (2 credit hours)

This course is a study of the history and development of the Seventh-day Adventist church form the Second Advent Awakening to its current global mission. Emphasis is given to the following areas: life sketches of pioneers, early evangelistic thrusts, doctrinal development, and the impact of the publishing work. Further study will include the development of the Adventist movement with emphasis on trends, teachings, growth, and mission work.

Track 2 Classes

Christian Apologetics (3 credit hrs)

The ability to give an answer for ones faith has never been more necessary than now. This course will equip the student to give a defense by studying Christian apologetics, creation apologetics and Adventist apologetics.

  • Christian apologetics will cover the 5 major religions and support the superiority of Christianity over Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.
  • Creation apologetics will examine evolution and give reasons why Creation is more rational and scientific than Evolution.
  • Adventist apologetics will compare the different religions that believe in Jesus and will give reasons why Adventism is the remnant church of Bible prophecy.

Medical Missionary Work (2 credit hours)

This intensive provides practical training about how to touch someone’s heart using the health message. Each student will learn basic remedies such as hydrotherapy, massage, hot/cold treatments and how to apply charcoal.

The Science of Bible Work (3 credit hrs)

The main thrust of this course is to teach students how to share their faith with non-Seventh-day Adventists. After learning how to develop and conduct a Bible study, meet people’s objections, and lead others to a point of decision, every student can be confident that their presentation of the gospel will be effective. Students will also learn how to coordinate training seminars in the local church so members will become involved in giving Bible studies and doing other personal evangelism.

Health and Healing (3 credit hrs)

This course will take a look into the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of food, natural remedies, and human development. It covers an overview of the natural prevention and healing of physical disease.

Evangelism (2 credit hours)

This intensive explains how to use personal evangelism in preparation for successful public evangelistic efforts. The student will learn how to organize and hold a public evangelistic effort using methods and principles based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.

Studies in Prophecy: Revelation (3 credit hrs)

This course will examine the end-time prophecies of Revelation enabling students to unlock its symbolism and reveal Christ and His atoning work on Calvary and in the heavenly Sanctuary.

Life and Teachings of Jesus (3 credit hrs)

This course covers the four gospels, including the background, authorship, and themes. The student will learn the main point of the OT “That these are they which testify of me” (John 5:39) by identifying OT Messianic and Christological typology.

The Sanctuary (3 credit hrs)

This course is a biblical study of the sanctuary truth and its relationship to the history and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Special attention will be given to the sanctuary’s central theme of justification by faith, as well as challenging the critics arguments against a heavenly sanctuary message.

Health Outreach Leadership (3 credit hrs)

This course trains students to lead churches in health outreach programs such as cooking schools, health fairs, depression recovery, addiction recovery, and CHIP. The emphasis is on understanding the outreach potential for each program, and providing leadership for the local church to run these programs.

Literature Ministries and Outreach Director (1 credit hour)

This intensive covers principles and methods for starting and managing literature programs of all types (full-time, part-time, adult, free, youth), and Bible worker programs in a conference-wide setting. The focus of this course will be administrative principles for managing a conference ministry, as well as ideas and methods for integrating literature ministry with other conference ministry initiatives.