Upper Columbia Conference Bible Worker Coordinator Positions

The Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Share the Life program currently employs some 35 Bible Worker Coordinators at church districts across the conference, but more churches are requesting Bible Worker Coordinators than the UCC can fill at any one time.

The Conference gives this call to pastors and churches:

We strongly feel that God is leading and creating an opportunity to bring Bible Worker Coordinators in to work by your side in training and equipping our members to live a lifestyle of evangelism. We pray you take advantage of this opportunity and join the Conference in investing our resources to grow God’s Kingdom.

Prayerfully consider joining us in this Share the Life initiative. Our goal is to help our members be consumed with Christ and His cause! We see the addition of a Bible Worker Coordinator as a tangible, practical way to help equip and mobilize our members to daily Share the Life.

To apply for a Bible Worker Coordinator position in the Upper Columbia Conference visit the following website and fill out the application form.