SOULS Northwest's purpose is to develop missionaries for the Northwest. We prepare you to be a Bible Worker, Outreach Coordinator, literature ministries leader, or Literature Evangelist. Even if you plan to work in a field other than full-time Gospel work SOULS' training can prepare you to be like Paul—a tent-maker Gospel worker.

What can I do with a certificate from SOULS?

You can be a professional, paid Gospel worker or missionary

You can be a volunteer missionary

  • Giving Bible studies and training others to give Bible studies
  • Actively sharing your faith in your workplace, without offending people or losing your job
  • Door-to-door ministries—sharing your faith, and finding spiritual interests
  • Lead out in any outreach ministry in your church
  • Share your faith with your neighborhood and become your neighbors’ friend in the process
  • And much more...

SOULS is like taking a mission trip but instead of going overseas, you'll be sharing your faith right here in the Northwest, with high-quality instruction and in-the-field mentorship built in.

Find out more about our Outreach Coordinator Certificate and our Literature Ministries Leadership course by clicking on the links below.

Outreach Coordinator
Literature Ministries Leader