SOULS Graduates

The SOULS program has been operating since 1998. It began in Florida and then in 2001 SOULS West opened in Arizona. In 2013 SOULS Northwest opened in Washington. Since its inception the SOULS program has graduated a large number of ministry leaders including Bible workers, evangelists, pastors, teachers and conference administrators. SOULS leaders are the backbone of the Literature Ministries programs in the Pacific, North Pacific and Lake Unions, and many other conferences. Here's a short list of some of the ways SOULS graduates are impacting the Adventist church and the world.

Taj & Wati Pacleb | Evangelists

Taj and Wati graduated from SOULS and followed their calling as an evangelism team. Wati is now a registered nurse and Taj works as a full-time evangelist and international speaker.

Heidi Carpenter | Literature Ministries Director

Heidi Carpenter graduated from SOULS and worked as a Bible worker, conference Bible work coordinator and is now the director for literature ministries for the Southern California Conference. Heidi was one of the key leaders to develop the GLOW tract distribution program.

Nelson Ernst | GLOW Director

Nelson Ernst graduated from SOULS and worked as an associate director for literature ministries in Central California. While there he and several other SOULS graduates devised a method for distributing free literature and a training and motivation system for engaging church members. They began by using Pocket Signs, but soon advanced to developing their own literature called GLOW tracts (Giving Light to Our World). Nelson has continued to developed the GLOW literature so that today it has become an international phenomenon with many millions of tracts distributed in dozens of languages all across North America and the around the world.

Matt & Mari Kirk | Pastoral team

After graduating from SOULS Matt and Mari both worked in Bible work roles. Today Matt has a Masters of Divinity degree from Andrews Theological Seminary and he and Mari are pastoring in the Central California Conference.