Literature Ministries Leader

If you're interested in becoming a literature evangelist and gaining the necessary skills for advancing in leadership in the literature ministries field, then SOULS Northwest has the perfect program for you. While giving you advanced Christian sales skills and lots of in-the-field mentorship with experienced literature evangelists, SOULS also provides comprehensive training in personal evangelism. We believe that every literature evangelist is a "fireside preacher" and needs all the skills a Bible worker might have.

Consider these thoughts:

"Canvassing for our publications is a valuable and most profitable line of evangelistic work... By the canvassing work the truth is presented to thousands who otherwise would never hear it."

Review & Herald, Oct. 7, 1902

How can the great work of the third angel’s message be accomplished? It must be largely accomplished by persevering, individual effort, by visiting people in their homes.

Welfare Ministry, p. 97

This house-to house labor, searching for souls, hunting for the lost sheep, is the most essential work that can be done.

Evangelism, p. 431

Graduates from SOULS Northwest are equipped for the following literature ministries roles:

  • Literature Evangelist
  • Youth Rush Leader*
  • Literature Ministries administration*
  • Do you have a passion for sharing Christ through literature? Are you ready to dedicate your life to sharing your love for Jesus? This could be just the job for you.

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    Student Literature Evangelism:

  • Oregon Conference Youth Rush
  • Upper Columbia Conference Youth Rush
  • Washington Conference Youth Rush
  • Pacific Union Youth Rush programs
  • Texaco Youth Rush
  • Youth Impact

  • Adult Literature Evangelism:

  • Upper Columbia Conference Knock
  • General Conference Publishing
  • The Literature Evangelist magazine
  • Publishing in Urban Evangelism
  • The New Life Challenge
  • Canada iHeal program

  • *There is no guarantee that a graduate of SOULS Northwest will obtain a leadership position with any of our partner conferences. These positions are filled based on the literature ministry director's discretion, and the prospective worker's merit and experience.